1: Gina Torres left Suits due to personal reasons. Learn the untold story behind her departure.

2: Work-life balance became a priority for Gina Torres. Discover how this led to her decision to leave Suits.

3: Gina Torres wanted to explore new career opportunities. Find out why she felt it was time to move on from Suits.

4: Behind the scenes, creative differences emerged. Uncover how these differences affected Gina Torres' exit.

5: Gina Torres' departure was marked by heartfelt farewells. Explore the emotional impact her exit had on the Suits cast.

6: Fans were left wondering about Jessica Pearson's fate. Learn how the show addressed Gina Torres' absence.

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8: Life after Suits: What has Gina Torres been up to? Get updates on her career ventures post-departure.

9: Gina Torres' legacy on Suits remains significant. Celebrate her contributions to the show's success. Note: Each page contains a maximum of 35 words to comply with the requirements.