1: Reclaiming your body after pregnancy is attainable and enjoyable with these exercises.

2: Engaging with your baby while working out creates a strong bond and helps you shed pounds.

3: Walking with your stroller boosts calorie burn, making it a perfect workout for new moms.

4: Fitting in workouts can be challenging, but these quick routines are perfect for busy schedules.

5: Squatting exercises target your lower body, helping trim those extra inches and tone your muscles.

6: Crunches and planks are effective for strengthening your core muscles and getting rid of belly fat.

7: Taking up yoga or Pilates improves your flexibility, tones your body, and promotes relaxation.

8: Make daily chores count as exercise by increasing movement and intensity. Stay active throughout the day!

9: Remember, staying fit is not only about losing weight, but also about feeling energized, confident, and taking care of you. (Note: Each page consists of exactly 35 words or less)