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2: "1. Squats: Tone your lower body and strengthen your core. A perfect exercise to regain your pre-baby figure. Join MomFriendly Fitness and get started!"

3: "2. Planks: Strengthen your abs and improve posture. A core workout that works wonders. Start your fitness journey with MomFriendly Fitness now!"

4: "3. Lunges: Sculpt and tone your legs while improving balance. An excellent exercise to lose baby weight. Experience the benefits with MomFriendly Fitness."

5: "4. Push-ups: Boost upper body strength and tone your arms. Regain your confidence with this effective exercise. Join MomFriendly Fitness today!"

6: "5. Cardio: Kick-start your metabolism and burn calories. Engage in fun activities like dancing or brisk walking with MomFriendly Fitness."

7: "6. Yoga: Relax and stretch with gentle yoga poses. Reduce stress, gain flexibility, and achieve a toned body. Sign up for MomFriendly Fitness now!"

8: "7. HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training is perfect for busy moms. Burn fat efficiently and get remarkable results. Join MomFriendly Fitness!"

9: "8. Resistance Bands: Target specific muscle groups for a full-body workout. Strengthen and shape your body with MomFriendly Fitness. Get started!" Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise routine.