1: 1. Stock up on low-FODMAP snacks 2. Satisfy cravings with carrot sticks and hummus 3. Enjoy a handful of almonds for a healthy boost

2: 4. Pack a refreshing watermelon salad 5. Stay energized with a portion of grapes 6. Try cucumber slices with a dollop of Greek yogurt

3: 7. Keep your tummy happy with gluten-free pretzels 8. Craving something sweet? Grab a banana 9. Nibble on rice cakes for a light FODMAP snack

4: 10. Stay hydrated with coconut water 11. Tantalize taste buds with orange wedges 12. Boost your fiber intake with chia pudding

5: 13. Load up on protein by bringing hard-boiled eggs 14. Replenish electrolytes with natural electrolyte drinks 15. Enjoy a handful of low-FODMAP trail mix

6: 16. For a savory treat, have a few gluten-free rice crackers 17. Munch on homemade kale chips for added nutrition 18. Bring along a serving of lactose-free cheese

7: 19. Savor the goodness of low-FODMAP dark chocolate 20. Stay satisfied with a portion of jerky 21. Indulge in a small bag of tapioca chips

8: 22. Turn to low-FODMAP granola bars for a quick energy boost 23. Keep your car cooler with sliced cucumber and mint-infused water 24. Satiate hunger with a low-FODMAP turkey wrap

9: 25. Pack a nutritious low-FODMAP salad with mixed greens 26. Sip on a refreshing green smoothie with spinach and Kiwi 27. Enjoy the crunch of celery sticks with almond butter Note: Don't forget to check FODMAP suitability and portion sizes before consuming any foods listed above, as individual tolerances may vary.