1: Stay refreshed on hectic days with these hydrating FODMAP-friendly foods. Discover a range of options that nourish and quench your thirst.

2: Cucumbers - a hydrating FODMAP food packed with water content to keep you cool and hydrated during busy days. Stay refreshed!

3: Watermelon - a delicious and hydrating FODMAP-friendly fruit perfect for busy schedules. Replenish your body with this juicy treat.

4: Oranges - rich in water and essential minerals, these FODMAP-friendly fruits provide a refreshing way to stay hydrated on busy days.

5: Tomatoes - hydrating and low in FODMAPs, these juicy fruits are a great addition to your diet for staying refreshed throughout the day.

6: Carrots - crunchy and hydrating, FODMAP-friendly carrots offer a refreshing snack during busy days. Stay hydrated on the go!

7: Spinach - a hydrating FODMAP food that adds a nutritious boost to your busy day. Keep your body nourished and hydrated effortlessly.

8: Coconut water - a natural and hydrating FODMAP-friendly beverage that provides essential electrolytes on busy days. Stay refreshed!

9: Lettuce - a hydrating FODMAP food that adds a refreshing crunch to your meals. Stay hydrated and enjoy the benefits of this leafy green.